Assignment One

Due June 15th, 11:59 PM HOL-time

Here you will find a range of options for completing your homework. Pick whichever options appeal but remember that we will only be grading the first 60 points worth of work you complete - you can do more options for fun if you like but you won't be able to earn additional points for them. 

Send all work in one email to with the subject line "Herbology-Lesson 1-Hol Name". For example, if I was submitting, my subject line would read: Herbology-Lesson 1-Sky Alton. Please remember to also put your Hol Name and House at the top of the email!

No attachments will be opened - this includes Google Drive links and similar. If you submit an image as part of your assignment, please upload it to an image hosting website and send the link.

Short Answers (20 points, 2 points each)

Please answer in full sentences and in your own words (don't just copy/paste from the lesson)

1. What is meant by perennials?

2. What might you use a dibber for?

3. Name at least two reasons why it is important to wear gloves?

4. What is something that might affect whether a plant is considered hardy or not?

5. What is a fruit?

6. Name the 3 nutrients that the lesson said were commonly needed by plants?

7. What is a fork useful for in herbology?

8. How is pruning different from deadheading?

9. What substance do we commonly use as fertiliser in the Hogwarts greenhouses?

10. What do the leaves of a plant do?

Research (10 points)

Do some research and find 5 plants that are considered annuals and 5 that are considered perennials. Send me the two lists, including the names of the plants and roughly how long they can each live for.

Fill in the Blanks (10 points)

1. Some are used for _____, some are used for _____, some can be used in _____ and others are just here because of how _____ they are.

2. This is a small _____ with a _____, leaf-shaped head that you will use for _____.

3. They attract _____ (creatures like _____) who transfer pollen from one flower to another

Greenhouse Tales (20 points)

Describe your experiences in the greenhouse during your first lesson. Did you have any mishaps with the equipment? Did you get distracted and fall afoul of any of the plants? Include anything you like. (Minimum 200 words)

Budding Herbologists Beware! (20 points)

Design a poster to help your fellow greenhouse users remember what safety equipment they're meant to use and why. You should use a mixture of text and images.

Green/Black Thumb (10 points)

Are you one for gardening or do you have what some people call a black thumb? Tell me about your previous gardening experience and what interested you in taking herbology. (minimum 100 words)

Practice Makes Poetry (10 Points)

Write a poem of at least 10 lines to help you remember some of the facts we covered in this lesson. It doesn't need to rhyme but it's always funnier if it does.

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